Mike’s wife, Anita, meeting with an assistant to the CEO of Mansow Agro-Chemical Company.

Mike’s wife, Anita, meeting with an assistant to the CEO of Mansow Agro-Chemical Company.

Anita Carlson

As with all murder cases, when a significant other is present, he or she is automatically apprehended for interrogation regarding the death of their other half. It is no different with Anita Carlson, Farmer Mike’s 2nd wife. It should be noted that Anita and Mike were wed approximately 7 months prior to the farmer’s departure, and detectives have surmised that while this is Mike’s second marriage (due to the untimely death of his first wife, Clara), Anita has been married a total of 4 times. Oddly enough, the first three marriages ended in a myriad of ways: the first, annulment due to certain international laws; the second, a sudden heart attack; and the third, a recent divorce that Anita claimed was “not amiable.”

It is no wonder, then, that most of the Blackvillians did not share Mike’s enthusiasm for the young wife he’d chosen to leave his entire estate and life insurance policy to. After questioning several eyewitnesses to the uncovering of Mike’s muddied corpse, it was uncovered that Anita had been seen in several questionable places, two of which stand out as possible motives for the crime:

Anita had been seen flirtatiously laughing and carrying on with a handsome young man from out of town who had found his way to Blackville for seasonal harvesting work. This sighting was but one of over 13 occurrences, with each subsequent sighting exhibiting more and more physical contact between the two young people, and the final few instances stood out to eyewitnesses in particular due to Mrs. Carlson’s lack of a diamond studded wedding band she was known to flaunt in almost every circumstance. At this time, there is no proof of infidelity, but we hear tell that a private investigator is staking out Anita’s whereabouts when she’s not at police headquarters to rule out an affair.

She was also seen leaving the local Register of Deeds offices with what looked to be a businessman holding a briefcase…upon arriving at their respective vehicles, the two exchanged a handshake and left. Local closed-circuit television in the downtown district led law enforcement to find the owner of the vehicle by cross-referencing its license tag number. The vehicle was found to belong to the Mansow Agro-Chemical Company, and in fact, this particular car was driven by the personal assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of said corporation, Henry Brand.

Anita is in police custody currently for interrogation…as fate would have it, her wedding band was found half-buried in the mud near her recently-expired (and current) husband.

*In a follow up session with the Mansow Agro-Chemical Company, new information was garnered by corporate defense, particularly that the assistant, Waldo Vera, had recently turned in his 2-weeks’ notice to the administrative office of Mansow Agro-Chemical Company. Upon reaching out to Mr. Vera, authorities found that his apartment had been vacated, and all associated means of communication, both by phone and online media presence, had been disconnected. The search for Mr. Vera ensues.