Canine Courage Spritz

Canine Courage Spritz


Almost all of us have been there…a thunderstorm rolls in, a siren wails in the distance, or a fireworks show erupts in the sky. All of a sudden, our furry friend is quaking in fear, unable to comprehend the sounds he or she is hearing, and utterly inconsolable. It’s heartbreaking, really, and while there is no magic pill to let our pets know all is well, studies have shown that certain safe and non-toxic essential oil blends can help alleviate at least some of the symptoms of this innate fear of loud noises.
Canine Courage is an essential oil blend diluted in water that can make your pet’s environment seem a bit safer using a blend of proven calming and comforting scents.
Have a pet you’d like to help out during bad weather? Try Canine Courage!*

Distilled Water
Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, & Vetiver

*Canine Courage may not work for your dog…studies have shown the use of vetiver has helped many canines overcome their crippling anxiety due to loud noises or separation from their human friends, but each dog is different, and results may vary. Please take this into account when using this product.

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