A typical depiction of Mike’s hateful neighbor and rival, Evan Schultz.

A typical depiction of Mike’s hateful neighbor and rival, Evan Schultz.

Evan Schultz

According to the accounts of several citizens of Blackville, Evan Schultz, a soybean farmer like the victim, was an unruly fellow. Said to have a short gauge for patience, and an even shorter temper, Schultz was often seen walking the fence between his fields and those of Farmer Mike. Most people thought he had a hard time with his neighbor due to his own crops not turning out as healthy as Mike’s, even though the only difference in their fields was the driftwood fence that separated them. Many times, he was known to fill the local feed ‘n seed with terrible slanderous statements about the now-deceased farmer’s “malicious intent” towards his neighbor’s success. Most of these claims, if not all, were thrown to the wayside by those within earshot with nary a glancing thought of them afterwards. After all, Farmer Mike was Blackville’s most beloved agriculturalist, bringing the town the majority of its financial stability from his own plots of soybean-rich land.

The thing that caught townsfolk’s attention, however, was the last rueful statement Schultz made of Farmer Mike before the latter’s body was discovered: “He’s no better than my pigs…in fact, he’s lower than the dirt beneath their hooves.”

Most strikingly, a piece of evidence was found on the corner of the fence near the body…a healthy pod of unopened soybeans. Needless to say, Farmer Evan Schultz was taken into custody immediately after the pod was found for further questioning.

*Upon being questioned about the death of his hated neighbor, Farmer Schultz was visibly shaken, according to police reports. Said the lead investigator from the local precinct, “I’ve been doing this a long time, and even IF someone is lying and doing it well, you can’t fake turning white as a ghost when you hear the news of someone’s murder.” No definitive statement has been made as to the angry farmer’s suspicion, so for now, he remains a viable option to solve the case.