Mimzy Shanks, the killer.

Mimzy Shanks, the killer.


When it comes right down to it, there were only two viable suspects for Pierce McFadden’s murder: Sylvester Carvel and Mimzy Shanks. The truth is, Carvel HAD intended to get rid of McFadden…professionally. He had drawn up the termination paperwork and only had to serve it to the commentator.

However, the unhinged fanatic Shanks beat him to the punch, swiping the paper off of Carvel’s intern’s desk…she WAS around the stadium quite often, mind you. Keeping it for another one of her sick souvenirs, she decided to take care of the thing she cared for most, Slugger Woods, by knocking out his would-be rat. During Slugger’s at-bat during the opening day game, she nonchalantly walked up to the press box (manned only by the lead sports announcer), opened the door, and grabbed the excess mic cable while Pierce was busy shouting his excitement over the game’s progress. Slipping it quickly about his throat, she ended his life while the fans were loud enough to drown out any noises he’d have made while dying.

When she received word of her impending imprisonment, she quietly smiled, and then asked if the officers could inform her loving Slugger so he could visit her.

Another mystery is in the books, detective. Thanks for your help, and here’s to future solutions!