Brass Tacks (Scentless) Beard Oil

Brass Tacks (Scentless) Beard Oil


Are you allergic to powerful scents from essential oils or just don't care for smells?  If this is you and you're a bearded man, you STILL should man up and take care of your beard.  Brass Tacks is the most basic beard oil line Ruddy Man Beard Co. offers, utilizing the full strength and conditioning agents of carrier oil blends to ensure your beard is cared for and growing healthy and strong without all the smelly stuff.  Don't let your nose get in the way of your beard.  Grab some Brass Tacks today!**
Depending on the length of your beard, use as little as 2-3 drops up to a full dropper or more each day after showering to condition, fight beardruff and itchiness, and add a fullness to your beard you never knew you were missing.

**Grab matching Brass Tacks balms and butters in the Ruddy Balm and Ruddy Butter items in the shop...choose Brass Tacks from the dropdown menu prior to checkout!

1 oz. bottle contains:
Coconut Oil
Argan Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil
Grapeseed Oil

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