Ruddy Man Beard Balm Guitar Picks

Ruddy Man Beard Balm Guitar Picks

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For the Ruddy Man who hates getting balm under his fingernails (or the Ruddy Man who just loves a sweet guitar pick!), this specially-designed while Delrin guitar pick is able to get just the right amount of balm out for your specific application needs.  When you run low on balm in your tin, it's also a LOT easier to dig that last bit of precious Ruddy Balm out of the corners of the container (waste not, eh?).  And, since Jimmy is a guitarist by trade, he can vouch for the quality craftsmanship of the pick's material, weight, and thickness.  Don't want just one?  Choose any of our pack options to get just the right number of picks, and represent your Ruddiness on any guitar in your vicinity.

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