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Join the Ruddy Detective Agency each and every month as we not only attempt to decipher the contents of a secret scent in a half-ounce bottle of beard oil, but also as we collect clues to unlock the secrets of a short story mystery.


Past Mysteries

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The County Fair Killer
May 2019

Below is an article from The Cobblestone Post, the local paper in Blackville, a town that has just been rocked by the death of a beloved farmer:

Last fall, a murder occurred at the Blackville County Fair, the premier event for the rural gentry of Cobblestone County.  What would have been yet another fun-filled time for attendees soon turned into a ghastly affair as festival-goers ran screaming from the site of the grisly homicide.  The victim, a well-loved agriculturalist known as Farmer Mike Carlson, was found apparently trampled to death by swine in the pig pen outside of the large red barn central to the fairgrounds.  Though the area surrounding the pen was more liquid than solid, authorities have ruled out the story initially told to the public, that Farmer Mike slipped under the fence of the cage after walking too closely to a muddy ditch just outside the southern corner of the pig pen, spooking the animals within, and causing a stampede that resulted in his untimely death.

Due to the local law enforcement officers’ uncanny abilities to pick up several clues that refute this claim, three primary suspects have been named in the ongoing search for Carlson’s killer.

These suspects are:
*Evan Schultz, a neighboring farmer who seemingly, and unconventionally, had aught with Farmer Mike;
Anita Carlson, Mike’s 2nd wife of 7 years, and;
*Henry Brand, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mansow Agro-Chemical Company.

As of now, no further leads have been found.  All related detectives are at a loss for what the clues found at the site could portend, though foul play is most certainly suspected, and are said to be hiring private investigators to help aid in solving the case.

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4) WAIT. No, seriously, wait until the Ruddy Reveal Livestream (currently on Instagram to be held on the Thursday night the week after shipment at 9pm EST). During the Livestream, the community will peel off the Ruddy Reveal label on the bottle to see the scent name, profile, and artwork, and we’ll do it TOGETHER. During that same Livestream, we’ll hold a drawing to see if anyone gets the scent profile right, and that person will win a free gift from Ruddy Man!** In the same Livestream, we’ll explore the clues to the accompanying short mystery story and find out the truth! Those who choose the correct “who” in the “whodunit” will be placed in ANOTHER drawing (so long as they don’t win the corresponding scent profile drawing, or vice versa!) to win another great prize!***

The game’s afoot, and your nose is the lead detective…let’s solve a mystery!

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***In order to be placed in the drawings for either the scent profile or the mystery story, your FINAL answers to both mysteries MUST be received by Ruddy Man via Instagram DM by 6:30pm EST the night of the Reveal Livestream.